Donald's principle

(This isn't a remake of Peter's Principle)

Act 1: Being noticed

The first thing to do is find out who is feeling the most depressed and have came to hating what's going on in their country and the way it is being governed. You start campaigning use terms that will give those people the feeling that they have finally found their spiritual leader and since they are depressed and only see a future in you they believe anything you say. In that way you remove all other candidates early in the primaries and being a good showman draw in all of the news networks to your cause, at the begin you make everyone except your supports laugh (remember they believe in you) and makes you a household name. You want to transmit to your followers that you will be their saver so you thank of a slogan "Make America great Again" you felt that your first idea would put you in the list as being a hate group so you drooped  your original slogan "Make America White again".

You give your followers the idea that you will return America to its rightful owner and the ones that made America great in the first place.

I think there is a typographical error in my last paragraph because: the rightful owners are the American Indian and the ones that made America great in the beginning where the slaves that worked for nothing and brought wealth to the country.

Act 2: The convention
Haven taken control of the Republican Party you had to except that the organization of the convention wasn't only in your hands you also knew you need support of some of the other candidates that you insulted during the primaries and you must dig up a  few tanned Americans (1) you must also find a few people that have religious believes that he has insulted during Phase 1.
For the tanned American he found 2 good speakers, one he had joked about during the primaries Ben Carson:
"Trump got back to attacking Carson, declaring, “He said he went after his mother with a hammer. He hit her on the head, or he wanted to hit her on the head, or he hit her on the head. And I said, wow, that’s tough. Man. Did anybody in this audience ever go after their mother to hit her with a hammer?” Then he vacillated between implying that Carson is an unstable thug who can’t be trusted in office because of violent things that he wrote about in his memoir, and declaring that his memoir is obvious bullshit that only dupes would believe."
Carson said:
""Carson then noted that on the dedication page for his book “Rules for Radicals,” Alinksy gives an “over-the-shoulder acknowledgment” to Lucifer—”who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.” (The page also quotes Thomas Paine and Rabbi Hillel.)“
This is a nation where every coin in our pocket, and every bill in our wallet says, “In God We Trust,'” Carson said. “So, are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer? Think about that.”"
Here I would say it is a good thing Hillary found out about Lucifer I am sure it will help her in her make it thru the debate with Donald.
The guy keep point at his head during his 7 minute speech, He was a very good brain surgeon (one of the best) which I will give him credit for. His speech was to me revenge because he feels that race and family situations should make you a loser. I agree, but everyone doesn't have the courage to fight against strong odds. This doesn't mean they don't have the right to a decent life.
The second speaker was the gun toting cowboy ------> sheriff David Clarke:
His slog "make America safe again"
 In January 2013, Clarke was featured on a series of public radio ads that said citizens could no longer rely on the police for timely protection and should arm themselves. Later that month, Clarke appeared on the CNN program Piers Morgan Live, with Milwaukee Mayor and gun-control advocate Tom Barrett, who "said it was irresponsible of Clarke to 'basically imply' that it won't help citizens to call 911 when they need help."  He receivied the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award in 2015.
Clarke is viewed as an "iconoclastic sheriff," one of "a long line of controversy-courting lawmen" that includes Richard Mack and Joe Arpaio in Arizona. Clarke has been "associated with those on the political extremes" on occasion, and has attracted attention for these "dalliances with the far right." Clarke is a frequent and vociferous critic of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, referring to it as "Black Lies Matter" and describing the movement as a hate group. Clarke denies that cops are more willing to shoot black suspects than white suspects, has labeled BLM activists "subhuman creeps," and has called for the eradication of the movement "from American society." Clarke has blamed "liberal policies" for rioting and other issues in American cities. Clarke's stance on the movement has been criticized by the Milwaukee chapter of the NAACP and other activists.
Clarke frequently appears at public events on horseback wearing a cowboy hat.
Here I would say, I guess he wants to return America to those old westerner days when there was law and order so you understand why he is Donald buddy.
I heard David Clarke had plans to move to Washington in 2017.

Act 3: Appraising his situation.

Here we checkout what we have, what we need and how to get it. 

We see that many tanned Americans are registering to vote an even in states that are making up all kinds of law to prevent this right registrations are increasing, so we must check out how to build confidence in these people without losing my first followers, the ones that made me a household name.  

During the convention even As he tried to save his campaign, Donald Trump smeared African-Americans with a new racist attack.

Donald Trump was reading from a teleprompter, and he still couldn’t resist slipping in a bit of racism towards African-Americans.

“We’re going to take care of our inner cities which are absolutely a shame and so sad. We’re going to take care of our African-American people which have been mistreated for so long.”

What Trump doesn’t understand is that African-Americans aren’t property. The United States doesn’t own African-Americans. African-Americans are not “ours,”

'What do you have to lose?' Donald Trump appeals for black vote

Speaking at a rally in Dimondale, Michigan, an overwhelmingly white suburb outside of Lansing, the GOP nominee argued that Democrats, including his rival Hillary Clinton, have taken advantage of African American voters and taken their votes for granted.

“Tonight, I’m asking for the vote of every single African American citizen in this country who wants to see a better future,” Trump told the crowd (overwhelmingly white).

“What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?” he asked them. “You’re living in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose?”

He also made a bold prediction: “At the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get over 95% of the African American vote. I promise you.”

What he forgot to say is how many tanned American (African American) would have the right to vote after his first 4 years.

When we say the Democratic Party has failed African-Americans are we talking about the present government are the party? If it is the government remember how many times Republican Senators has either rejected or blocked bills that would help the working class. The President can't just make decisions and pass laws (the scary thing for me is that I think Donald thinks he can). If it is the Party how have they failed? They aren't the government.   

Donald went to Detroit, yes and he got what he wanted

 Donald Trump showed up in Detroit and got what he came for: He sat in a black church service for the first time ever. He stood along with a mighty choir and did the white boy sway, occasionally watching to his side to know when he should clap and move his hips.

Why Detroit?  Remember his new found friend Ben Carson was born there in 1951 (but when he got to rich he decided to move, the town was too dangerous for him).

For some views about Detroit just click

 He later kissed a baby and held it up high, Lion King-like, toward a congregation and community that had gathered to hear what Trump would say to black people, folks he’d been talking about — but not

Act 4: The outcome?

Some used terms:

(1)      Tanned Americans: I refused to us the term African American, I looked for a term that would group other than white since this seems to the big issue in the USA, so I came up with tanned American (do not confuse with sun are artificial tanning). A little about whom we are, I feel first we are all children of this earth. This has always been a problem for me when too often hate and Racism exist in Churches across America. This is something that Still need healing. I know of many tanned Americans that have given there live for the American flag, I don't know many that have given their life for an African flag (this means for any country on the African continent).

One story on where we come from can be found in the clip just click on the link

this is a test all future politicians should have to take