How the problem of refugees and immigrants are effecting the political orientation of so many 'democratic' countries. It is true there is a problem and many countries are voting for candidates at different political positions because they promise to get rid of refugees and immigrants, the only problem none have presented a program they just say they will get rid of those people. Remember we are talking about humans; people of all races, sexes and ages (they are not all terrorist, rapists or criminals) just people.

My biggest concern today is that the country that has the most influence on the world and its future will vote November 8th and I think the outcome will have an important influence on the world's future. This has always been the case since world war II but the 2016's choice will be more important worldwide due to the true fact that "refugees and immigrants" are a problem, since most voters today only see the effect on their lives and comfort there choice will often keep them from thinking of a human right to live. In American one candidate most important campaign argument is America's problems are refugees and immigrants and "I will get rid of that just vote for me".

The feeling that the November 8th election will have an important effect on:

   The electors in United States and its people, no one knows what each candidate will be able to do.  Is the world ready for the President of the most powerful country: that is  aggressive,  spontaneous, only wanting to promote himself, and by an uncontrollable angry, impulsive temperament that precludes them stepping away from the moment to survey what the situation demands of him?

   The hard problem about refuges and the terror in this world. No candidate has said what will be done with the millions of people (women, children and non terrorist). Will the selected President be willing to stop the notion of humanity?


   America is the country that produces some of the most sentimental or hate drive or comical or a mixture of emotions movies and television series in the world. Movies like: "Regarding Henry, Doubt, I Am Sam, The Pursuit of Happiness, What’s Up, Doc?, kill Bill, Independence day" and I could go on for pages. What I have noticed in my travels is that many Americans (they are not the only ones, but by being the most influential country in the world the effect is different) seams to confuse reality with fiction. In real life we are only background actor and where real life is different from movies we are also the one that can selects who will be the stars. If a scene isn't good we don't always get the chance to do a retake.

   America is only part of the world (less than 5 percent), and not the world. And I feel it should be the example for the rest of the world
(more than 95 percent)
 Maybe we should stop spending so much on Space programs, that is unless it is the solution to rid are planet of those refugees and immigrants.

 It is understandable that many disagree with both major candidates, but I have the feeling that only one would be a danger for equal rights, respect for others, and values America is known for. World peace, even as bad as it is should be keep and maybe some of the remarks made by Donald will wake up the government and the nation towards a better solution for peace in the world.

  That the statics show that it is a close race worries me, does that mean Americans in general don't see the danger that a bad choice would be not only for them but also for the world?
In a country that talks and says it believes in GOD, have they lost all notions of values and respect?
When we say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" does this mean that no other country or people have the same rights as Americans?



LAST UPDATE: January 15th 2017


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